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trenchless sewer repair

The statistics are gross in almost every sense of the word. Ninety percent of the developing world’s sewage is dumped untreated into oceans, rivers and lakes. Forty percent of the world’s population, or 2.6 billion people, have no access to at toilet. One gram of feces can contain ten million viruses, one million bacteria, one thousand parasite cysts and one hundred worm eggs.

How can You Prevent Sewer Issues?

This low pressure can be found at the junction of washing machine, showers and any faucet. It is generally caused by the rusting and corrosion of the pipe at the junction. With aging, this corrosion and rust increases leading into a much formidable restriction for the flow of water.

Cracked pipes

Tree roots can invade even the smallest cracks in pipes. As the roots grow, so does the size of the cracks. This lets in rainwater. Tree roots can also block the pipes causing trenchless sewer repair to backup and overflow. Cracked pipes have to be repaired or replaced. Careful thought needs to be given to the location of thirsty trees.

trenchless sewer repair
trenchless sewer repair

Boundary Traps

Many, but not all, properties have a boundary trap. This acts as an inspection point on the sewerage system. It also stops trenchless sewer repair odours from reaching the property. If the boundary trap is set below ground level and it’s lid or concrete rim is damaged, stormwater can get in. There can also be a problem if the vertical riser is cracked.

Direct Connection

Stormwater downpipes are not allowed to be connected to the sewerage system. All water from your roof should be connected to the local councils stormwater system. Sometimes direct connection to the sewerage system may seem easier. The effect of doing so is overflows of diluted raw sewage further down the system.