Sliding Door Security

In this age when apartment spaces are becoming smaller and smaller sliding doors are gaining more importance as they require lesser space to install and are convenient. Glass sliding doors offer a special grace to the interior and make it more stylish. They are convenient as they allow easier access to the outdoor areas like patios, terrace gardens or swimming pools. The glass panels ensure that the room has enough natural light along with outside views. Unfortunately the convenience and decorative feature of sliding doors is compromised when it comes to security. These doors have a major security problem as they can be easily lifted off the tracks and removed and furthermore if they have glass panels then of course the glass can be broken providing easy access to burglars. Various sliding security doors Chelsea systems have been invented over the years but they are unable to provide total security measures. As completely doing away with sliding doors is not an option for most people therefore it becomes essential to ensure that these doors are totally secured.

Security bars can provide an excellent solution to the sliding door security problem. When the doors are not being used they can be securely locked. Two kinds of security bars are found in the market that can be used for this purpose. Ideally that security bar should be chosen that can withstand a minimum of 1000 pounds of force. The strength of the security bars prevents the burglar from lifting the door off the rack. Strong bars should be chosen for this purpose.

Just having security bars is not enough; a second security measure should also be installed so that you can be free from any worries about your home security. In order to prevent your home sliding doors from becoming easy access points for unwanted intruders is to install sensors on these sliding doors. The similar kind of sensors which are typically installed on windows can also be installed on the doors. The reason behind such sensor installation is that if any unwanted intruder tried to enter your house or premises forcefully then the sensors would sound an alarm on hearing which the burglar would go away. The security system in the house can then alert the police officials who are always prompt in checking out such situations.

Certain new types of such doors have interior bolts that can deadlock these doors both at the top and bottom making them very secure. A patio bolt is another method by which you can secure your sliding doors. No matter whatever method you employ a sensor is a must for a complete security solution. A combination of both locking and sensor is an ideal way to secure your home. Only then can you rest easy and go on an outing or on vacations without worrying about the security of your home.