Add noticeable visibility and durability to your event management and crowd control efforts.

Recreational Event Safety

Big events draw big crowds in Australia, especially in tourist destinations. High visibility fencing keeps civilians and workers safe and provides the highest level of traffic control during exhibitions, parades, sporting events, concerts and more. From foot traffic to parking barriers, Visible Temporary Fencing Melbourne enhances safety 24/7.

Crowd Control for Public Safety Officials

During major events, public speaker attendance, protests and other events where crowd control is an issue our high visibility fencing is durable enough to prevent and control foot traffic in restricted areas and keep civilians safe.

For nighttime operations, law enforcement and emergency response personnel use our high visibility fences to cordon off hazardous areas and control emergency scenes along roadways and other traumatic event sites.

When you choose Visible Temporary Fencing Melbourne for your events, the benefits will be obvious. They include:

  • The highest visibility possible
  • Durability and strength in fencing design
  • Enhanced site security and safetyq
  • A visible sign of duty of care
  • Responsive ordering, delivery and servicing
  • Customisation in design
  • Quality impressions through a clean, professional look

No matter what the event, Visible Temporary Fencing Melbourne is the right choice. It provides you with the highest visibility possible, improved traffic flow and the durability demanded by even the largest events and the biggest crowds.

Be seen taking care of workers and civilians

For daytime operations or emergency utility repairs at night, high visibility fencing keeps workers safe along roads while limiting civilian traffic around areas where dug holes, roadways or down wires present a hazard.

Whether your workers are out making repairs, performing regular maintenance or reacting to emergency situations, their safety is paramount. Durable fencing of the highest visibility will be seen and it will be a visible reminder of the importance you place on protecting your workers and the safety of the general public.

Do the right thing and make your duty of care more visible

If safety, security, site definition, restriction or separation of vehicle and worker traffic flows, limiting access to the site, onsite machinery, supplies or hazardous areas, or reducing vehicle accidents are among your mining site concerns, then look to our high visibility Temporary Fencing Melbourne for a high performing, affordable solution

On mining sites, occupational health & safety is very stringent and compliance is an imperative. Secure and safe fencing for the entire site or specific areas within it is essential in demonstrating your OH& S observance and duty of care.

So when you’re dealing with large, often dark, remote areas and multiple sites containing dug holes, drop offs, powerful equipment and other hazards, look to the most highly visible Temporary Fencing Melbourne option available. It’s customisable design, durability, strength and quality professional look, will be a visible reminder that you take your duty of care seriously and that site security and worker and civilian safety are of paramount concern on even the most challenging of mining sites.