When To Repair Your Brakes

Generally all elements of the brake system of your motor vehicle are made to keep working for an extended period of time, however it is often suggested to check your brakes frequently and replace brake pad, rotors, line and fluid if necessary. To appreciate the importance of the braking system why don’t we quickly review how it works.

Whenever you press the brakes pedal in your car, it activates the main brakes cylinder. The piston inside the cylinder generates the pressure within the brakes lines which are fastened to each individual wheel. Then the brakes fluid under pressure engages each individual wheel cylinder, which then presses brakes pads to the rotors. This enables each of the wheels stop their rotation which successively causes the entire car or truck to cease going. However, after a certain interval of usage there arrives a moment when the brakes pads end up dangerously thin, which you can identify by screeching or squealing sounds while braking.

If not addressed, the pad might harm brakes rotor which will require its replacement since even if you put in completely new pads, they will most likely need substitute once again following a several months of driving a vehicle. In general the replacement of the brakes rotors quite often is not necessary, you may get away with just simply resurfacing all of them. Actually, you should do the sanding and resurfacing of ones brakes pads every now and then regardless.

Brake Repair Richmond
Brake Repair Richmond

This is going to keep their surface nice and equal and in turn each of your current pads and rotors will last much longer. You can typically tell that the rotor is warped by pulsating brake pedal.

Here are another symptoms that may indicate that your car needs its brake repair Richmond :

  • low brake pedal
  • spongy or soft brake pedal
  • pedal traveling too far when you apply the brakes or sinks to the floor
  • scraping metal-to-metal noises when braking
  • car drags or pulls to one side when braking

If you notice any of the above, you should consider paying a visit to your nearest mechanic as soon as possible.